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Teaching About Arizona Law and Immigration

by Damon Huss

Educating About Immigration, CRF’s new web site (screen shot above), has a new lesson on Arizona’s SB1070 law on unauthorized immigration. Once Arizona’s governor signed the controversial bill into law, reactions were strong.

In the lesson Arizona’s SB1070 and State Policing of Immigration, the following is available for immediate classroom use:

A balanced, informative article that explains the text of the law and the arguments on both sides. It emphasizes constitutional questions about reasonable suspicion (Fourth Amendment), equal protection (14th Amendment), and the preemption doctrine (the Supremacy Clause in Article VI).

A complete lesson plan with two class activities tied to national and California state standards.

Activities about the Arizona law that engage students in role plays and civil discussion and develop their analytical skills and critical thinking.

The debates, challenges, and demonstrations about this law are really just beginning. The lesson provides a constructive way to teach about the law in your classroom.