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Bug Hunters

by Bill Hayes

Software bugs pose security problems for companies and computer users. In Facebook’s Reward for Bug Hunters, Bloomberg Businessweek reports that many tech companies are offering rewards to hackers to find these bugs.

Technology companies are torn about how to engage with application developers or security researchers who spot bugs in the course of their professional work or hobbies. Many businesses ignore unsolicited tips from so-called white-hat hackers. Some even threaten them with legal action….

Apple (AAPL) doesn’t buy information about bugs. Neither does Microsoft (MSFT), though it is running a $250,000 contest to develop a specific type of security technology. Google (GOOG) started paying for bug detection in 2010 and has handed out more than $700,000, according to the company.

Facebook’s six-month-old bug bounty program has already distributed $190,000 in debit cards to 93 researchers…. [more]