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Head of the Pac

by Bill Hayes

In Head of the Pac, Bloomberg Businessweek reports on how Larry Scott, the commissioner of the Pac-12 Conference, is trying to make college football as lucrative as the NFL.

[T]he Pac-12 Conference, like college sports as a whole, is changing so rapidly and profoundly that even the people in charge are struggling to describe what it has become. In the two years since Scott took over as commissioner of the conference formerly known as the Pac-10 — which includes some of the most prestigious research universities on the West Coast — it has added two new members, the first additions since 1978; negotiated the largest television rights package in college football history, $3 billion over 12 years; and begun the process of building a seven-channel television network. In so doing, Scott has emerged as the pivotal player driving an unprecedented geographic and financial transformation of college athletics. [more]