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In the News Magazines

by Bill Hayes

This week, quite a few interesting articles appear in the weekly news magazines.

In Time:

What U.S. Economic Recovery? Five Destructive Myths

In Newsweek:

Rise of the Superbacteria The new and even deadlier form of E. coli.

The Chrysler Miracle Revived from bankruptcy, the automaker is repaying its bailout debt. How an Italian saved a Detroit icon.

White House Rebel Michelle Obama refuses to be a political show pony and has constructed a fruitful life inside the bubble. All that will have to change in the heat of Election 2012.

The 10 Most Important Artists of Today

In Bloomberg Businessweek:

The Price of Clean Air Does the Clean Air Act hurt or help the U.S. economy? It’s not as hard to calculate as you might think. Neither is acting on the data.

Amazon May Soon Need to Collect Sales Tax A proposal in the U.S. Senate aims to end the longtime exemption for e-commerce.

Egypt: Not Just the Facebook Revolution Egypt’s largest independent newspaper, Al-Masry Al-Youm, is showing Egyptians what a free press looks like. More than social media, that may be the key to the nation’s future

Education According to Mike Milken As the largest U.S. operator of taxpayer-funded online schools, the former junk-bond king has figured out how to make money in education. Is that a good thing?

Jimmy Wales’s Wikipedia Balancing Act The Wikipedia founder on empowering his army of volunteers while still maintaining control of the site—and not selling out.

Fixing America’s Economy: Nine Ideas from Around the World Countries as diverse as Germany, Brazil, Singapore, and Thailand can offer ways for the U.S. to shore up its economy.

Ugly Senate Confirmation Hearings Are the American Way Is Senate confirmation of presidential nominees worth savaged reputations and political grandstanding? Unfortunately, yes, argues Yale legal scholar Stephen Carter.

As Cameron Wields the Ax, Britain Cringes The prime minister’s $130 billion spending-cut plan is in full swing, and Britons are uneasy.

States Are Rejecting Millionaire Taxes Opposition from Republicans and business, plus rising revenues, are leading to a rollback.

The Financial Sector Keeps Shrinking Bank of America, Citigroup, and other big banks are stymied by a sluggish economy, low interest rates, and new regulations.

Is Christine Lagarde Right for the IMF? The clear front-runner to lead the International Monetary Fund is smart, polished, and a welcome relief after the Strauss-Kahn scandal. Is she up to the challenge?

The Mississippi River Flood and the Katrina Risk New Orleans and Baton Rouge are one breached levee away from Katrina-like devastation. Can the Army Corps of Engineers save them?