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Losing Our Way

by Bill Hayes

The New York Times Book Review reviews Losing Our Way: An Intimate Portrait of a Troubled America by Bob Herbert.

Bob Herbert shares the same pragmatism, shaped by the America he came of age in, which still assumed a common good and treated the challenges facing its individual citizens as collective priorities we could solve. “Losing Our Way” is a brave call to action — not simply to put people back to work, but also to link that work to the necessary interests of an egalitarian society. This means investing in what we’ve catastrophically undervalued: our bridges and highways and tunnels, our public schools, our fellow citizens. Herbert approaches this monumental task the same way he approached such unpopular issues for almost 20 years in his Op-Ed column at this paper: case by case, week after week, with steady resolve. The shortsighted policies and unchecked greed that have resulted in the abandonment of the poor are now destroying the middle class, and Herbert remains willing to state, very clearly, what he sees. [more]