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10 Educators on Twitter You Need to Follow

by Bill Hayes

EasyBib lists 10 Educators on Twitter You Need to Follow.

Diane Ravitch

@DianeRavitch / 138,000 followers

I could not put together a list about Top Teacher Tweeters without mentioning Diane Ravitch. I included Ravitch for a few reasons. The education climate, specifically concerning public education, that we face today makes it imperative and absolutely necessary that we teachers know policy. Ravitch knows policy and is an unflinching advocate for teachers everywhere. She attended primary and secondary public school and understands the need for improving our Nation’s public education system. Diane Ravitch is a Research Professor of Education at New York University and an educational historian. From 1991to 1993, she was Assistant Secretary of Education under President George H.W. Bush. She is an agent of change in a world that is ripe with flux. [more]