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Alabama’s Climate Change Deniers Refuse to Save the State

by Bill Hayes

In Alabama’s Climate Change Deniers Refuse to Save the State, Bloomberg Businessweek reports on the state’s lawmakers’ resistance to addressing climate change.

Even as the federal government’s new National Climate Assessment cautions that storm surges may one day leave coastal communities such as Mobile under as much as 25 feet of water, state leaders persist in saying global warming is a sham and resist spending money to prepare for it. Trip Pittman, a Republican state senator who represents Baldwin County on the east side of Mobile Bay, calls federal research on climate change “bad science” and “fear-mongering.” Spending millions based on such predictions doesn’t make sense, he says. “What are the costs of us going on these crusades, these environmental crusades?” says Pittman. “We’ve elevated environmentalism into some kind of religion.” [more]