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A MOOC on copyright

by Bill Hayes

Duke announces a four-week MOOC on copyright, perfect for librarians and classroom teachers. It starts July 21, and you can sign up at

[T]his course deals with the U.S. law and the specific situations and issues that arise for librarians and educators at all levels.

We especially hope to attract K–12 teachers, who encounter many of the same issues that arise in higher education, and who often have even fewer resources to appeal to for assistance.  That is one reason for the summertime launch.

Another point about the focus in this course — our goal is to provide participants with a practical framework for analyzing copyright issues that they encounter in their professional work. We use a lot of real life examples — some of them quite complex and amusing — to help participants get used to the systematic analysis of copyright problems. [more]

Also, see Educating About Intellectual Property, CRF’s collaborative project with Street Law, Inc., for general information and lessons to teach about copyright and other issues of intellectual property.