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Resilience Can Help the U.S. Defeat Terrorist Attacks

by Bill Hayes

In As in Boston, Resilience Can Help the U.S. Defeat Terrorist Attacks for Bloomberg Businessweek, Romish Ratnesar argues that America has the tools to overcome the threat of terrorism.

In the wake of the attack, it was inevitable that the nation would be told to expect more. Major cities went on high alert. New York bomb squad officers responded to reports of 77 suspicious packages in 24 hours, more than three times the usual number. (They found no bombs.) In echoes of 2001, letters sent to the White House and to Senator Roger  Wicker (R-Miss.) tested positive for the poison ricin, although the FBI said there was no connection to the Boston blasts. “We are newly reminded that serious threats to our way of life remain,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). Former CIA Director Michael Hayden warned that unsophisticated attacks carried out by “lone wolf” terrorists could become “the new normal.”

Calls for vigilance are justified, but paranoia isn’t. [more]