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End the Syria Slaughter Now!

by Bill Hayes

Writing in Newsweek, French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy argues that it is time to act and End the Syria Slaughter Now!

Is it necessary to intervene? In other words, does “the responsibility to protect civilians,” which is the United Nations’ version of the old theory of just war, apply in this situation? The answer is yes, without a doubt. Or, more precisely, the answer must be yes for anyone who believed that it applied last year in Libya. The cause is just. The intention is honorable. The Syrians themselves — this is key — are appealing for aid. Political and diplomatic avenues of recourse have been exhausted. The damage that might be caused by an operation to save civilians could not be more than that already wrought by the long-range guns that continue to shell the rebel cities. Benghazi yesterday, Aleppo today. The crimes now being perpetrated are the same as those with which Gaddafi threatened the capital of Cyrenaica. It makes no sense that action taken to forestall a threat not yet carried out should be withheld in this case, where the goal is not to prevent the crime from occurring but to stop it now that it is under way. It is a question of logic and consistency. Libya makes intervention necessary. [more]