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CRF Blog » Blog Archive » The Most Comprehensive TweetDeck Research Guide In Existence (Probably)

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The Most Comprehensive TweetDeck Research Guide In Existence (Probably)

by Bill Hayes

Writing for Bellingcat (“an independent international collective of researchers, investigators, and citizen journalists”) in The Most Comprehensive TweetDeck Research Guide In Existence (Probably), Charlotte Godart explains what she believes is the best way to use Twitter for research.

To some researchers, TweetDeck might seem superfluous in a world where Twitter Advanced Search exists. The platform would appear to be just a prettier version of what you are already doing through Twitter. However, I am here to show you how TweetDeck can vastly simplify and organize your research while allowing you to collect a greater amount of information with less time and effort.

Recall the fifty tabs you have open on your desktop, each one for a different Twitter advanced search. You are furiously clicking between them and trying to collect information.

Every time you want to change something small about your search, you have to start the search over again. Now, picture if there existed a platform where you could keep all these searches in one place, manipulate them at your will, and save them so that you could check on the same searches in a day or even a month to see what new information awaits you. Welcome to TweetDeck!

When something happens in real-time, such as a protest or election, you can use your TweetDeck to watch the events stream in right before your eyes. This makes it easier to collect crucial information in real time and sort through your searches, augmenting them to find more relevant content and removing the inevitable noise. For this process of live monitoring, I know of no better accessible and free tool than TweetDeck.

As a disclaimer, remember to always protect yourself when conducting online investigations. While Twitter is a fairly benign way to look through information, always know that one wrong click can reveal who you are if you are not careful. Take appropriate cautionary measures, whatever this means for you and your work.

I will begin the guide simply, as though you had never used the tool in your life. It will then progressively get more complex. In other words, fast forward if you consider yourself an expert — but also remember, everyone could use a refresher on the basics from time to time. [more]