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CRF Blog » Blog Archive » Fix this democracy — now

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Fix this democracy — now

by Bill Hayes

In Fix this democracy — now, Washington Post Magazine “asked dozens of writers and artists to look beyond the day-to-day upheavals of the news cycle and propose one idea that could help fix the long-term problems bedeviling American democracy. The result: 38 conservative, liberal, practical, creative, broad, specific, technocratic, provocative solutions for an unsettled country.” Below are the titles to the short articles advocating change. Scroll down to read the articles, which expand when you click on the link that says “read more.”

Require Everyone to Vote

A New High School Course: Identity 101

One Month Without Social Media

Befriend a Libertarian

Tackle Tough Subjects at Dinner

Ignore the Cultural Elite

Mandate Military or Civilian Service

Allow Garage Unit Rentals

Keep Dreaming

A Women-led Evangelical Movement

A Constitutional Amendment on Equality

Establish National Unity Week

Switch to Instant-Runoff Voting

Remind the Government: It Is Beholden to Us

Rein in the Congressional Budget Office

Teach Critical Thinking

Give Every Teen a Black Box

Fund Art Centers

Push for Civil Rights Education

Prevent Left-wing Media Bias

Let Government Co-own New Technologies

Redefine the Flag

Stop Obsessing about White Privilege

End the Blame Game

Celebrate Government

Peer Review for Candidates

A Marshall Plan for America

Create a System of Voting Credits

Keep Education Public

Take a Stand, Local Officials

Mandate Gun Insurance

End American Arrogance

A Grass-roots Revolt Against Fake News

Revive Human Decency

Bring Back the Cold War Economy

Persuade Voters to Keep Clicking

Cultivate National Gratefulness