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News Quizzes

by Bill Hayes

Looking for a good news quiz? I have scoured the Internet are here they are in order of wonderfulness, based on their layout and the information you can glean from them. Please let me know if I have missed a good one.

USA Today Weekly News Quiz is, my opinion, the best of the lot. You are asked 10 multiple-choice questions, one at a time. When you click on your answer, it tells you whether it is correct or not and it gives you a short paragraph about the question.

Wikinews World News Quiz offers 10 or fewer multiple-choice questions on the week’s news, updated every Sunday. After you answer all the questions, it shows how well you did and each question has a link to a Wikinews story related to it.

New York Times Learning Network’s News Quiz is a bit clunky, but every day it asks five multiple-choice questions about the news. You answer one at a time, and it tells you whether your answer is correct and has a link to a related article in the Times.

The Fareed Challenge comes from CNN’s TV show Fareed Zakaria GPS. The quiz does not have a separate link from the show, so you must scroll down to find it. The quiz offers 10 multiple choice questions on the week’s news, much of it with an international focus in keeping with the show. When you answer each question, it tells you whether your answer is correct or incorrect, but it does not direct to to further information on the question.

Newspaper Quiz is part of the NewsCurrents current events program. Updated every Monday, the quiz features 10 multiple-choice questions on the week’s news. After you answer the questions, you click to get your score. No further information is offered on the questions.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! Daily News Quiz is not really in the running here. Based on the popular NPR program, the quiz offers a quirky take on the day’s news in the spirit of the program.