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The Code of the Winklevii

by Shruti Modi

In The Code of the Winklevii for Vanity Fair, Dana Vachon uncovers what motivates the Winklevoss twins in their fight against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

The identical twins believe that they are the rightful founders of Facebook, and in seven years of litigating to this effect have fused America’s fascinations with courtroom drama, Wasp culture, and genetic novelty to make themselves an object of cultural wonder, the Winklevii, multi-media contortionists who might feud with a former Treasury secretary (Larry Summers, while president of Harvard, declined their request to punish the undergraduate Mark Zuckerberg … ), then join with Snooki, a fellow late-imperial oddity, in the pitching of pistachios online, before appearing as a $1,600 question on Jeopardy! (“Last name of twins seen here? They put their oars in the water for Oxford as well as Harvard …”) — all in the same six-month period. [more]