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Off Task: How to write and respond to an incendiary blog post

by Bill Hayes

We hope to avoid incendiary blog postings on the CRF Blog, but anyone familiar with the Internet has experienced them. In truly inspired silliness, the blog Coyote Crossing has created a meta blog post appropriately titled This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post. The blog continues:

This sentence contains a provocative statement that attracts the readers’ attention, but really only has very little to do with the topic of the blog post. This sentence claims to follow logically from the first sentence, though the connection is actually rather tenuous. This sentence claims that very few people are willing to admit the obvious inference of the last two sentences, with an implication that the reader is not one of those very few people.

 The blog post continues in similar fashion. At its end, readers have added numerous comments in a similar fashion. A sample:

 This comment takes issue with the first sentence of the blog post and goes on for quite a while making it clear that the commenter didn’t read any further.

This comment attacks the post author by using the phrase “ad hominem” incorrectly.