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The Big Flip

by Shruti Modi

In The Big Flip for Vanity Fair, Todd S. Purdum describes the changes in the Republican and Democratic political parties that have occurred during the last 50 years.

In recent decades the Republican Party has become something it really has not been since the Civil War: a radical insurgency bent on upending the prevailing practices of the national government seemingly at any cost. For most of its history the Republican Party was something else entirely: a steward of the status quo. It was the Democrats who were historically on the barricades in the fight for radical change. But the Democrats these days have turned into the stewards — beleaguered defenders of the government and country we have evolved into. The two great national parties have, in some fundamental sense, switched roles during the past 50 years. This inversion — the Big Flip — isn’t neat or exact, but it’s a substantial reality and it’s substantially complete. [more]