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JetBlue Returns to Earth

by Bill Hayes

In Once High-Flying, JetBlue Returns to Earth, Bloomberg Businessweek reports on the tribulations of the airline.

With founder Neeleman long gone and shares 80 percent off their high, JetBlue now finds itself bereft of much luster. A JetBlue pilot’s midair meltdown on March 27 was the latest in a string of very public mishaps, starting with passengers getting stranded on a plane for up to 11 hours during a February 2007 ice storm and a flight attendant bolting the plane’s exit chute after cursing passengers in August 2010. JetBlue now ranks last among 15 airlines in on-time performance and ninth in customer complaints to the Department of Transportation — three times Southwest Airlines’ (LUV) complaint ratio. The tables have turned. A vastly consolidated airline industry once again favors major carriers with expansive route maps and a preponderance of business travelers — things JetBlue lacks. [more]