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Interview of the Day: Jamie Oliver

by Bill Hayes

The Los Angeles Times’ Patt Morrison interviews Jamie Oliver, the TV chef, who crusades for better food in schools.

How are food attitudes different here compared with Britain. As a small example — when you showed kids in the U.K. all the gross parts that go into chicken nuggets, they wouldn’t eat them. But here kids still prefer them.

I’m not saying that experiment is like a survey, but even young teenagers’ attitude toward their health and mortality and their worries and their control of food choices seem a lot more vulnerable and emotional here. The thing that just breaks my heart is when you’re surrounded by bad [food] choices, and you’ve got two or three generations of non-cooks like we have in England or America — you just wish that there was food education in every school.

We’re talking about the basic stuff. Where does honey come from? Where does butter come from? In Huntington [West Virginia, where Oliver taped a season of “Food Revolution”], we’d hold up tomatoes on the vine and they didn’t have a clue what they were. [But] you hold up a pizza and they’d be all over it. That was a defining moment. We need to arm our children; we need to make them streetwise. [more]