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What Future for Occupy Wall Street?

by Damon Huss

In the February 9, 2012 issue of the New York Review of Books, Michael Greenberg writes about the future of Occupy Wall Street (“OWS”). He comments that OWS “sometimes appears to be driven by a series of tactics designed to maintain its public presence with no discernible strategy or goal — a kind of muddled, loose-themed ubiquity.” But he also acknowledges:

Organizers described Occupy Wall Street as “a way of being,” of “sharing your life together in assembly.”

In meetings and elsewhere, this Tolstoyan experience of undergoing a personal crisis of meaning, both political and of the soul, seemed deeply shared….I’ve met an architect, a film editor, an advertising consultant, an unemployed stock trader, a spattering of lawyers, and people with various other jobs who, after joining OWS, found themselves psychologically unable to go about their lives as before. For weeks last fall, gatherings on the eastern steps of Zuccotti Park had the aura of a revivalist meeting. [more]