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Megaupload Gets Busted

by Bill Hayes

In Megaupload Gets Busted; File Sharers Are Frazzled, Bloomberg Businessweek looks at a criminal copyright infringement case that has a lot of pizzazz.

If Hollywood needed to cast a villain for a movie about the fight against online piracy, it couldn’t have done a whole lot better than Kim Dotcom. The German computer programmer and founder of the online file storage service Megaupload lived larger than a James Bond foe. Dotcom, who legally changed his name from Kim Schmitz, lived in a $24 million mansion outside Auckland, New Zealand, and drove luxury cars with license plates that read “Mafia” and “Guilty.” The former hacker was convicted in the early 2000s in connection with one of the largest insider-trading scandals in Germany.

Now he’s in legal trouble again. On Jan. 20, New Zealand police arrested Dotcom with three co-workers as part of what could be the biggest criminal copyright infringement case ever. [more]