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In the News Magazines

by Bill Hayes

This week quite a few interesting stories are in the news magazines.

In Time:

All the print magazine articles are now behind a paywall.

In Newsweek:

In the cover story, The Maid’s Tale, the maid in the DSK scandal tells her story.

A few stories and opinion pieces are on the News Corp hacking scandal: Citizen Rupert, The Empire Strikes Back, and Rupe’s Hacks Dodge Flak.

When Dictators Shoot Back Gaddafi and Assad are unyielding and murderous. Has the Arab Spring turned into an Arab Hell?

In Bloomberg Businessweek:

In Cyber Weapons: The New Arms Race, the cover story looks at the hacking of the Pentagon, the IMF, Google, and others. It’s war out there, and a cyber-weapons industry is exploding to arm the combatants.

Google+’s Circle Logic Will the search giant’s easy way to organize one’s life in “circles” allow it to catch archrival Facebook?

Foreign Money Invades Mongolia As its resources draw foreign miners like Rio Tinto—and billions of dollars—the country struggles to strike a balance between growth and exploitation

What’s Killing Carbon Capture? CCS technology promised the best of all worlds: Abundant power from coal while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Now pilot programs are pulling the plug.

How to Succeed in Business in Pakistan Karachi’s National Foods does it by relying on convoys, body searches, and its own generators

Will the Scandal Tame Murdoch? The News Corp. chief’s iron grip could finally be challenged.

Fear and Loathing in Boca Over Budget Cuts Possible Social Security changes put the elderly on edge—and members of Congress on notice.

The Cost of Credit Swaps When a Nation Defaults Sellers of credit swaps are on the hook if a nation defaults. Regulators have reined in risk, but some steps could make things worse.