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In the News Magazines

by Bill Hayes

This week the cover stories in Time and Bloomberg Businessweek are on the scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch: Time’s Tabloid Bites Man and Businessweek’s Murdoch’s Mess. Although not its cover story, Newsweek ran two stories on the scandal: Rupert’s Red Menace and How the Guardian Broken the Scandal.

Also of interest in the magazines are these stories:

In Time:

Conspiracy of Two Barack Obama and John Boehner met in secret to solve the debt crisis. Can they push their colleagues to find a compromise?

In Newsweek:

The cover story, Petraeus’s Next Battle, talks about the general’s new job as spy chief and how he must transform the CIA to help fight 21st-century wars.

In Bloomberg Businessweek

Pay as You Go with Smartphones Why the smart money’s on smartphones as the way to pay for everything you buy.

Daniel Ek’s Spotify: Music’s Last Best Hope The Swedish streaming service, about to make its U.S. debut, may be the industry’s best shot at remaining profitable and relevant.

Preparing for the (Possible) China Crash While a big slowdown would hurt Chinese the most, collateral damage would still be huge.

America’s Teflon Corporate Boards Most directors at public companies who fail to receive 50 percent of shareholder votes keep their jobs.