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In the News Magazines

by Bill Hayes

This week several interesting articles appear in the weekly news magazines.

In Time:

The cover story, The End of the Line, examines fish, our last wild food. Our oceans are being picked clean. Can farming fish take the place of catching them?

Debt-Limit Showdown

In Newsweek:

In Palin Plots Her Next Move, the cover story explains that Palin believes she could win in 2012. She proclaims that Obama is beatable—and says the 2012 field is far from settled.

In Murdoch’s Watergate?, Carl Bernstein looks at the growing scandal in Britain.

The Billion-Dollar Bank Heist looks at how the financial industry is trying to kill the new financial reform law.

Egypt’s Rising Power Player profiles Amr Moussa, who seems poised to win the presidential election.

Why Winners Win at … looks at the new science of triumph in sports, business, and life.

In Bloomberg Businessweek:

The cover story, Elizabeth Warren, Champion of Consumer Financial Protection, explains that while banks don’t trust her and Republicans won’t confirm her, she’s already won her battle to remake how America borrows.

‘No Child Left Behind’ Reforms May Get Left Behind

The Housing Horror Show Is Worse Than You Think