CRF Blog

by Bill Hayes

The Office of Justice Programs has just launched a new web site: The site uses research to inform practitioners and policy makers about what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime victim services. You will find research on the effectiveness of many different programs. Programs are described and rated as effective, promising, or no effects, and the research findings are shown. For example, if you searched for DARE, you would find a program profile describing all the elements of the program, its evidence rating (“No Effects — More than one study”), the theory behind the program, and the research studies on the program. In short, you can find a lot of information.

The site covers the following topics:

  • Corrections & Reentry
  • Courts
  • Crime & Crime Prevention
  • Drugs & Substance Abuse
  • Juveniles
  • Law Enforcement
  • Technology & Forensics
  • Victims & Victimization

This is a great site.