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The Longest War

by Bill Hayes

Terrorism expert Peter L. Bergen has written a new book The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict Between America and Al-Qaeda. The New York Times Book Review calls the book “one of the most important accounts on the subject to appear in years. But be warned: You will read it and weep.”

From the review:

Bergen, a national security analyst for CNN, impressively covers it all: Al Qaeda’s aspirations and its 9/11 attack, the Bush administration’s panicky response, the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the crucial and continuing unhelpful role of Pakistan, and the terrorist episodes in London and Madrid. Other books, most notably Bob Woodward’s series on the wars as viewed from Washington, have bitten off big chunks of this story, but Bergen’s, to my knowledge, is the first to credibly cover the global sweep of events over the last 10 years, exploring not just American views but also Al Qaeda’s.

Below Bergen is interviewed about his book.