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The Perils of Online Translations

by Bill Hayes

A few days ago, I received a spam e-mail with a joke. The sender’s e-mail address was from Russia. It seems highly likely that the spammer knew a joke in Russian and used an online translation program to translate it into English. Here is the joke I received:

 Cheerful history…
 The plane was on a avenue to Toronto when the blonde sitting in control class, has risen, has passed in the first group and has sat down there.
 The stewardess having seen it, has asked the blonde to escort the ticket. Then she has told to the blonde that that paid for a village in thrift realm and should go back on the place. The blonde answers: “I the blonde, I profoundly beautiful, I fly to Toronto and I will persevere a leavings to sit here”.
 The stewardess has go about a find into a bungalow of pilots and has explained a situation. The newer airman leaves in salon of the foremost league, approaches to the blonde and explains to it that metre she paid payment the house-keeper a kind should benefit on the of places. The blonde answers: “I the blonde, I jolly pulchritudinous, I fly to Toronto and I intention last to be in session here”.
 The right hand lead comes back in a cabin and says to the commander that they should tell on polices that the blonde suffer with arrested after a touchdown throughout
 Order default. The commander answers: “I am married to the blonde, and I resolve talk to this voyager”
 It approaches to the blonde, something whispers to it on an attention, and she answers: “About, I apologize…”, rises and goes on the categorize in succinctness class. 
 Amazed the stewardess and the second-best pilot have asked the commander, what he has told to the blonde, what it has returned on the quarter without dispute?

 “I take told to it that the essential assort doesn’t fly to Toronto”.