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How Russia went wrong, as told from the inside

by David De La Torre

In How Russia went wrong, as told from the inside, The Economist reviews Russia’s Dead End: An Insider’s Testimony from Gorbachev to Putin by Andrei Kovalev.

The central argument of the book is that Russia has returned to the dangerous stagnation of the 1980s, largely thanks to the resurgence of the old KGB. The authoritarian squeeze will worsen at home, Mr Kovalev predicts, while foreign policy will become increasingly hostile and unpredictable. In the long run he fears a break-up of Russia, before — possibly — the dawn of democracy, the rule of law and modernisation. [more]

For a related free classroom lesson, see “Putin’s Illiberal Democracy.” It is available from  CRF’s Bill of Rights in Action Archive. It is currently only in PDF and you will have to register (if you haven’t already), which is free.