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Can Yascha Mounk Save Liberal Democracy?

by Bill Hayes

In Can Yascha Mounk Save Liberal Democracy? for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Elbert Ventura profiles Mounk, a lecturer at Harvard who emigrated from Germany.

Mounk, a lecturer in political theory at Harvard, was sounding the alarm on this populist turn more than a year before Trump’s victory. Sifting through mounds of public-opinion data, he argued that the consensus around liberal democracy was more brittle than we thought. Writing in The New York Times in September 2015, Mounk and his co-author, Roberto Foa, now a lecturer in political science at the University of Melbourne, reported that survey trends showed a “deep disillusionment with democracy.” They found that “citizens over the last three decades have become less likely to endorse the importance of democracy; less likely to express trust in democratic institutions; and less likely to reject nondemocratic alternatives.” The upshot: There was an opening for antidemocratic demagogues. [more]