CRF Blog

Civic engagement through the arts

by Katie Moore

As a member of the Art and Ambiance committee for this year’s annual National Service Learning Conference in San Jose, California, I wanted to make sure that Los Angeles was well represented. The conference has a history of over 3,000 educators, school administrators, youth activists, and community organizers attending. I contacted numerous local organizations that civically engage young people through the arts. Three organizations were chosen to display their artwork at the conference: HeArt Project LA, HOLA, and LACER. These three organizations will send student artwork to the conference (March 24–27, 2010) where it will be displayed in a prominent place for attendees to appreciate and learn from. Their pieces of art will be linked to resources and information to motivate and encourage others to use the arts as a way to engage young people in learning about and improving their communities.

Visit Region 11’s Service Learning Webpage for links to the national conference and a wealth of local, national, and international service-learning information and resources.