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What Would Plato Think of Our Times?

by Damon Huss

Over at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s RN site “The Philosopher’s Zone,” Joe Gelonesi writes about philosopher and novelist Rebecca Goldstein’s new book Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won’t Go Away.

Rebecca Goldstein is a fan of Plato. That might be an understatement. It’s been said that all of western philosophy is but a footnote to the Athenian, and this highly accomplished, Ivy League trained philosopher doesn’t doubt it for one minute.

For our crazy, mixed-up times, Goldstein has conducted what amounts to a 400 page thought experiment. It’s proved extraordinarily popular, beyond her expectations, and kept her busy for the better part of a year taking her Plato on a tour of a world hungry for answers, or at the least the right questions.

Her premise is simple: if Plato could come back, what would he make of it all? In the process, she hopes to prove that the philosophy-jeerers, as she calls them, have wrongly trumpeted a premature death for one of humankind’s most extraordinary enterprises. [more]