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‘Blackfish’s’ director, now its ‘steward,’ finds it hard to move on

by Bill Hayes

In ‘Blackfish’s’ director, now its ‘steward,’ finds it hard to move on, the Los Angeles Times reports that the documentary’s director has grown deeply invested in the film.

High-profile musicians have canceled gigs at SeaWorld, and dozens of celebrities have tweeted about the movie, urging their followers to stop going to the theme park. Animal rights activists turned up at both the Macy’s Thanksgiving and Rose parades to protest the company’s whale-centric floats.

In December, SeaWorld bought full-page ads in eight newspapers, rejecting allegations of animal mistreatment. Jim Atchison, the company’s president and chief executive, insists most park guests “see the story for what it is — an activist agenda.”

The experience has engulfed the 43-year-old Colorado native, who had only one feature film under her belt before “Blackfish.” She spends her days sitting for interviews or traveling to screen her film. Because her movie was nominated for a handful of prizes, she also braved the awards season gantlet, walking red carpets and attending stuffy rubber chicken dinners. [more]