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68 Minutes With Matt Taibbi

by Bill Hayes

In 68 Minutes With Matt Taibbi, New York magazine profiles the writer.

This is Matt Taibbi, circa 2014: deferential, polite, very busy. In mid-February, shortly after the birth of his first child, Taibbi announced he was leaving Rolling Stone, where he has worked for almost a decade, to start a digital magazine for First Look Media, the company owned by eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar. The last few weeks have been consumed with business matters — hiring editorial staff, signing off on designs. Taibbi won’t discuss the exact format of the new venture, nor its name — that’s still being worked out, too — but he sees it focusing, in part, on the same matters of corporate malfeasance he’s been covering for years.

“What I’m hoping to capture is the simultaneously funny and satirical voice that you got with Spy magazine,” he says. “The whole thing will probably be a little different than what a lot of people expect.”

What people expect, of course, is the ribald, loudly antagonistic voice of a writer who is, in his own words, “full of outrage.” [more]