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A new front in the TV wars

by Bill Hayes

In A new front in the TV wars, Michael Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times business columnist, looks at an upcoming Supreme Court case on whether Aereo, a new video service, breaches copyright law.

Most people probably haven’t heard of Aereo, which has been rolling out its video service for just over a year and still serves only 10 cities, none further west than Salt Lake. But millions will be hearing about it now, because on Jan. 10, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the broadcasters’ complaints that Aereo’s business dramatically breaches telecommunications and copyright law.

The New York start-up offers its subscribers signals from their local over-the-air broadcasters in a way that is either a minor tweak of how they can get those signals on their own (that’s Aereo’s version), or a novel business model that will destroy civilization, or at least the TV industry (the broadcasters’ version). [more]

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