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The year of Sherlock Holmes

by Bill Hayes

The show Sherlock has just returned to PBS. Last year, the Los Angeles Times’ TV critic Mary McCarthy called 2012 “The year of Sherlock Holmes.”

On the big screen, a Victorian if not traditional Holmes is one part of Robert Downey Jr.’s current franchise juggling act. But the more significant and modern versions are those of “Sherlock,” which had its second season this year on BBC America, and “Elementary,” which launched on CBS this year. If you count Fox’s quite Holmesian “House,” and I think we must, then a character created more than a century ago by a man who believed in the occult and possibly the existence of fairies has now ruled television for more than a decade. With no end in sight — “Elementary” is doing quite well, and when the BBC recently announced that Season 3 of “Sherlock” might not air until 2014, a chorus of distress could be heard on two continents. [more]