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Bert Offerings

by Shruti Modi

In Bert Offerings for Vanity Fair, Jeffrey Podolsky profiles the photographer Bert Stern.

Synonymous with the 60s golden age of advertising, Bert Stern was the cultural provocateur who defined the creative revolution with his seminal Smirnoff-vodka ads (most famously, a martini glass set in front of a looming Egyptian pyramid). He was the first photographer superstar, and his Manhattan studio became a crossroads of 60s pop culture. His unshakable legacy: an obsessive love of the female form as seen in his conceptual imagery of Sue Lyon for his good pal Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita, as well as Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, and—the apotheosis of the genre—Marilyn Monroe (“The Last Sitting,” comprising more than 2,500 photos, was shot for Vogue six weeks before her death, in 1962).  [more]