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How to Make Greek Coffee

by Bill Hayes

Every day at CRF I make Greek (Turkish, Arabic) coffee for whoever wants it. Here are instructions for those who want to make it at home.

I use Venizelos Coffee (I buy it by the case online), but you can probably buy Greek coffee at a Greek market.

The coffee is usually made in a briki, which looks like a narrow saucepan. But you can use a saucepan. (You can find brikis online and at Greek markets.)

1. Add water to the briki. Put it 3 oz. of water for each cup you are making (3 oz. = 3/8ths of a measuring cup). The amount of water is crucial. The most common mistake is using too much water.

2. Heat the water. If the water is not heated, it will be difficult to stir in the coffee and sugar.

3. Add a heaping teaspoon of coffee and a heaping teaspoon of sugar (one of each for each cup you are making).

4. Stir it. If the water is hot, it will mix easily.

5. Slowly heat it until the foam rises. You do not want it to get to a full boil.

6. Pour it into the cups and enjoy!

The coffee is unfiltered, so don’t be surprised by (or drink) the sludge at the bottom.

Below is a video of a woman making Greek coffee.